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Knowledge Translation Training and Tools

Scientist Knowledge Translation Training

Do Your Scientists, Educators, Policy and Decision Makers Know How to Transfer Knowledge?

Could Your Knowledge Translation Professionals benefit from Practical KT Training?

Do They Understand Why Knowledge Transfer is Important?

Do They Have Skills To Play A Role in Linking with Business, Community, and Policy?

Can They Develop a KT Plan for Grant Proposals?

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  Private training, by organizational invitation - SKTT Course Syllabus 2016

Scientist Knowledge Translation Training Manual

This training course was developed to build knowledge translation competencies among health scientists. 

Training is provided by Melanie Barwick and Donna Lockett, and can be adapted to your group's needs. If you are interested in training for your group,please contact Dr. Barwick via email.

Scientist Knowledge Translation Plan Template

Thank you for your interest in the KT Planning Template.   Please feel free to use, share, and disseminate the KT Planning Template (see terms of use). The KT Planning Template is proprietary to The Hospital for Sick Children and is protected by copyright, No modifications or adaptations are permitted. 
Thank you for your cooperation.

Scientist Knowledge Translation Plan TemplateThis template was created to assist scientists in the development of a KT plan. 

Click on the image to download document..

Knowledge Translation Planning Template - Fillable PDF Document

E-learning Modules for Knowledge Translation

Developed in 2017, two e-learning modules were developed by the SickKids KT Program team to support knowledge translation knowledge and practice. The first e-modules summarizes our understanding of KT. The second e-module introduces and describes the Knowledge Translation Planning Template.

Module 1: Introduction to Knowledge Translation

Introduction to Knowledge Translation


Module 2: How to Prepare Knowledge Translation Plan

How to Prepare Knowledge Translation Plan

KT Game

This card game was designed to support knowledge growth and practice in KT. Developed off the Knowledge Translation Planning Template, the KT Game is an educational group activity. To purchase the KT Game, click on the image.


To order either of these tools please contact melanie.barwick@sickkids.ca

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